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Rotary switches with connector

These models are specially developed for aeronautical domain, the connection is performed by a rapid junction terminal which suppresses the problem of the contact welds. The internal connections are carried out by us with 24 gauge normalized wire. The maximum capacity of connecting is 40 wires (inputs +outputs).

Standard characteristics:
  • Shaft with plane or other machining on request,
  • Sealed front panel (IP65),
  • 24 points or 40 points connector,
  • 3µm gold plating contacts (CMP6C).
  • Pull to turn or push to turn safety control,
  • Simple or double fugitive contact,
  • Return to center
  • Make before break contacts...
ROHS and SVHC certificates on request

Liste des produits

Picturee Name Index angle Maximum number of positions Shaft diameter Electrical values* Dimension of switch body Technical data sheet
electronic rotary switch cmp 6c CMP 6C 60°
6 6 mm 115 V
2 A
5 A
150 W
∅36 mm
Variable depth
*Maximum voltage - Maximum current with cut - Maximum current without cut - Maximum switch rating

For other models with connector, please contact us.